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Pablo Escobar met with Satoshi Nakamoto in the 80s. Right before his assassination he had plans of creating an anonymous, untraceable currency to be used by the masses. He left a hieroglyphic parchment (The Green Paper) hidden in one of his tunnels which was discovered by one of Nakamoto's disciples in the early 90s. With that parchment, the disciple started a group in secrecy called Lord Chain, a group of young cryptographers, hackers, and bread winners.

Lord Chain is at war with Illuminati

Each Quarter year, Lord Chain's cryptographers will release a parchment in source code to one of its 7 Lords around the world. The Parchment will be split in 4 parts. Once combined, whoever solves the Green Paper will hold the Key to Eternity.

What exactly is the Pablo Coin?

It’s a cryptocurrency that was made for people like me and you! A coin that represents the California lifestyle, where people boss up in the sunshine, cruise in drop tops and party like a rock star. Pablo in itself is a LIFESTYLE, a cryptocurrency for the hustlers!

Pablo Coin Value Projection


1 PABLOs = 1 Blunt (See FAQs)

2020 or Sooner

42000 PABLOs = 1 Hacienda (Masternode)

1 Bandz = 1 Oz

16 Bandz = 1 Lb


  • Jan 1st, 2018

    Pablo Coin

    Pablo Coin is a token made for the hustlers, the ballers and for people who move in silence. Silence is key. Silence is nature. It is the way of OMERTA.

  • Jan 15th, 2018

    Eco System (Spreading of Seeds):

    Lord Chain will Airdrop Pablos to the Masses. Pablo Coins will produce Bandz. Bandz will make her Dance. Pablos and Bandz will give you crypto swag.

  • Feb 18th, 2018


    Pablo ICO Goes Live!

All Lords

The Team Behind PABLOs


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Bounty List

Bounties for your Tweets

Instructions: To anyone listed here, please tweet us your Ethereum address and we will honor the payment of PABLOs directly onto your ETH address. Follow us on twitter @Lordchain

Nate Diaz & Nick Diaz

200,000 PABLOs Each

Ben Baller

200,000 PABLOs

Snoop Dogg

300,000 PABLOs

Justin Beiber

200,000 PABLOs


200,000 PABLOs

Matt Gray - Founder of

200,000 PABLOs

Willie Nelson

200,000 PABLOs

Woody Harrelson

200,000 PABLOs

Wiz Khalifa

200,000 PABLOs

Cardi B

200,000 PABLOs


200,000 PABLOs

Marie Madore

200,000 PABLOs

John McAfee

200,000 PABLOs

Sorry for the ransom,
Yours Truly,
Lord Pablo

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